Footfall of Strangers

from by Prescient

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Footfall of Strangers was the second song written by Prescient, but the final recording was not completed until the Summer 2009 recording session. It features Luke Jackson as guest guitarist extraordinaire.


Enter unto mine creation and be still your primate mind
Behold an alternate Heaven
- The end point re-defined
I heard the Devil calling, “I can take you back in time”
The blessing of Ezekiel
- Technology of the once-Devine
A tear in the mind’s eye
- a sum over bloody histories

Oh, how we are inspired by the skies
That we might stumble through that cold endless night
Stars upon stars soon in our reach, are we absolved?
Yet alone, we will grow in our own right
And continue to rise together, wherever, endeavor as Man
By our very nature, “We will rise!”
And fear nothing, as we are newborn

“It’s a Sign of the Times”
The most recent prophet decries
“Lights in the sky!” – No lord of mine this time
When alien angels fall from the sky and cry,
we are to die
The End Times have come
the Devil is loosed on the simple
Magic and mayhem defined as technologies clash
And the Fields intertwine into Real

Only one species can rule - All others are slaves or food
Nature is ruthless and cruel - But that is the order of things
Engagement is eminent - Survival is paramount
Insects hang in the Void - And they are cold

A trillion eyes are watching the ebb and flow of Man
Observing our civilization
from the heart of the darkest land
To destroy all competition
- Neutralize potential threat
They contemplate extermination
- Our blue world beset
Aloft in the endless expanse, space is the form of the quarantine of God

Who are these with such fire in their eyes
That they would wander through Our endless night?
Stars upon stars they will befall and consume all
Left alone, they would burn out the Light
And continue to grow forever and ever and ever, Amen
By our very nature, “We despise!”
The strangeness we don’t know

We are as birds in a nest, so frail, and too young to fly
Yet we sing to the clouds alerting predators soaring by
In radio voice, we announce to the stars: “We are here!”
By the atom’s signature, we proclaim,
“We are to be feared!”


As we scream unto the Void – we are undone


from Emergence, released February 11, 2011
Malachi Francis, music; Gregory Francis, vocals; Luke Jackson, guitarist extraordinaire;



all rights reserved


Prescient Las Vegas

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