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released February 11, 2011



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Prescient Las Vegas

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Track Name: Frame Dragger
In a war before this world
- A kind of science led the way
Potential heavens clashed and failed
- And this is what remains…

Realized projections
- Visions from the stream
Conscious intersections
- And this is what it means…
The force of resolve
- An explosion of mind

And in a time before mine
- Angels crushed opposing Time-Lines
A matrix fell and a new truth stood clear
– Past and future intertwined

Shadows composing - figures imposing
The substance of loathing
forms a cloak on our memory
And drains the potential from all that would be

A sum over histories
- Everything lost in Deep-Time
No further mysteries
- Nothing to redesign
With every contingency
- Unfolding to every possible end
At the edge of eternity
– SHUT DOWN and start it again - - -

Emotional shock-waves transcend cosmology

Woeful gods fall from the sky
- with Dark Matter in their hands
Synthetic seeds unchained in the night
- To battle dust in the form of Man
And from the far end of the heavens
- Event horizons spew their filth
A brilliant plague of rapture
– Fuels the universal need to be undone
Omniscience chained by the hell of foresight

In a war beneath this world
- The fear of knowledge led astray
Genetics clash and rail - And this is what remains…
Synthesized infections - Primitive and clean
Infecting interspection - And this is what it means…

And at the crime of all crimes
- Angels snuffed adoring minds
A Function held and a new Brane was torn
And in their own image, they reformed

A sum over victories
- Every thought lost to Deep-Time
No rival entities remain
– No reason to cleanse this Line
With every contingency
- Unfolding to their own end
They pray for uncertainty
– SHUT DOWN and start it again - - -

Boredom punishes omniscient gods
- When everything known is known
With nothing new and nothing to learn
A stagnant existence forever bemoaned
So into the mix, a variable set
- The Multiverse grinds to another end
The final flashpoint of God set anew
Uncertainty loosed on the quantum winds

BEHOLD: The Glorious Chaos of Freewill:

Blessed randomness cascading into Real
Blind to the future, we soar
Re-image the subtle so that we feel alive
Nothing forever, ever again, never forever again
We now inhabit the places we dared not imagine
Feeling decisive, a Line in the dark forms bold
Baryonic brevity to entropic denial

– as foretold…
Track Name: Footfall of Strangers
Enter unto mine creation and be still your primate mind
Behold an alternate Heaven
- The end point re-defined
I heard the Devil calling, “I can take you back in time”
The blessing of Ezekiel
- Technology of the once-Devine
A tear in the mind’s eye
- a sum over bloody histories

Oh, how we are inspired by the skies
That we might stumble through that cold endless night
Stars upon stars soon in our reach, are we absolved?
Yet alone, we will grow in our own right
And continue to rise together, wherever, endeavor as Man
By our very nature, “We will rise!”
And fear nothing, as we are newborn

“It’s a Sign of the Times”
The most recent prophet decries
“Lights in the sky!” – No lord of mine this time
When alien angels fall from the sky and cry,
we are to die
The End Times have come
the Devil is loosed on the simple
Magic and mayhem defined as technologies clash
And the Fields intertwine into Real

Only one species can rule - All others are slaves or food
Nature is ruthless and cruel - But that is the order of things
Engagement is eminent - Survival is paramount
Insects hang in the Void - And they are cold

A trillion eyes are watching the ebb and flow of Man
Observing our civilization
from the heart of the darkest land
To destroy all competition
- Neutralize potential threat
They contemplate extermination
- Our blue world beset
Aloft in the endless expanse, space is the form of the quarantine of God

Who are these with such fire in their eyes
That they would wander through Our endless night?
Stars upon stars they will befall and consume all
Left alone, they would burn out the Light
And continue to grow forever and ever and ever, Amen
By our very nature, “We despise!”
The strangeness we don’t know

We are as birds in a nest, so frail, and too young to fly
Yet we sing to the clouds alerting predators soaring by
In radio voice, we announce to the stars: “We are here!”
By the atom’s signature, we proclaim,
“We are to be feared!”


As we scream unto the Void – we are undone
Track Name: Deeds and Dreams of Falling
(…in the beginning was the word)
I have found my way alone
You have stumbled on your own
I have faltered but I’ve grown
You have crumbled and bemoaned

(…and the Word of God was upon them)
I have seen all the works, all the deeds
The ashes of dreams crumbling down
- wretched seeds
That germinate within your dark and tortured soul
And writhe in the longing to covet what I know

They wait for another to bestow grace upon them
And complain at the gifts handed down
They wait for a charity and mercy to befall them
As they argue their sad point of view from the ground
Even as they’re falling

I am the one who achieved this gain
YOU have failed yourself once again
BELIEVE that you’re just that same as me if that helps you

(…but they heard not the Word)
I have gleaned from this world all I need
And fashioned a theme, true and sound –
With a clear and focused mind I conquered many foes
Waiting for the manna to fall into their needy hands

Nothing worthy in their deeds as shifting sands
So they grumbled, “Not fair! No one understands me.”
Then they cried and they boasted and they criticized
And destroyed their self-image deep inside
And now they are falling

Art thou weak? Then be thy strong!
God only helps those who help themselves
(so sayeth the Word)
When you feel it all breaking down around you
That is when you must prove what lives inside of you
(…and the Word was the Way)
There were times when I fashioned out a plan
That crumbled down by the toil of other hands
But I strived and I focused and devised
And reformed my own image in spite of thee

Now I’m the one you turn to
I’m the one that you beseech
I am the master of my own destiny
And you are but a worry that is falling out of reach
Falling at my feet

I have arrived at the summit of my dreams
YOU have devised this fiction of your deeds
GOD only helps those who help themselves
And you are falling
Track Name: Risk
Once in a cold game without rules,
the players felt ashamed
For as they won, they never learned that to risk
and lose is to obtain
More than they ever played for – and more

I pity those who find they have time on their hands
Who live and die here, never traveling to other lands
Without a measure of love or the comfort of friends
Too scared to live with uncertainty,
to take a chance and truly achieve

Calculated moves give an upper hand
but they lack emotion
Machines with superior moves can reproach devotion
Apprehension freezes the tame.
Too scared to risk, but bold enough to blame

At the end of the game, they call out the names of those who survived to play again
Live and learn or crash and burn.
Hesitate and lose your turn
There is no PAUSE or REPLAY in life, only STOP. END OF GAME

So now in the game of life, potential unfolds,
but no one is keeping score
They live as they played, never showing their hand
They take to their grave regret and nothing more

There are times when the fear of loss forms the core
of desperation
Leading sane men through insane pursuits,
cleansing phantom fears of what’s to come
What you chose to do can not be undone.
Nothing left but to go

At the end of the game, the last move is made
And the pieces that fell remain where they lay
Their future betrayed

Memories are quick to turn
From joyful goals into regretful yearns
There is no PAUSE or REPLAY in life, only STOP
No more time for a wasted life

And now the game is done the players have gone
And taken everyone for everything

There are those who think that they have all the time
in the world
To live a full life without fear or hesitation
But there is no such thing as something for nothing,
no gain without pain
All they want for free will never be.
Too scared to live with uncertainty
To take a chance and truly achieve
Track Name: In Disbelief
Passing briefly, you float away
And everything that follows
Filters into subtle shades of gray

Endless laughter, sadness, and shame
Like fleeting passions raise a hope
That something may remain

Timeless whispers fall onto the bay
That washes through your absence
Black stillness absorbs what we once craved

A light shines cold and then begins to fade
Emotions illuminated reflect once more
And dim into the grave

Love’s hold breaks - favorite memories frayed
Unity smothered. A last glance
And one heart bleeds away

A perfect pairing dissolved and washed away
Into the womb of apathy
Turn away and never live this day
Track Name: In the Eyes of Lesser Beings
We were the warriors of God set loose on our way
Defending the Light of the World.
We claimed the Dark Lands in the name of our Lord
And punished those who had lost their way

But the rules were no help to me in times of indecency
I pledged to meet the end alone.
There was no saving me
Armored with tools of the trade,
I charged into Holy fray
Anointed with Blood - and The Word - and The Way
I was a god to those in my way. So they prayed

And the ages of Man shall pass in a blink,
but this will remain:
That the brightest among you will burn with a need
To have their sins all washed away
They teach us to love with our hearts
and to kill by the sword
We are faultless in all that we do for the Lord
We have savaged the lands and the minds of the lost
Knowing that God would forgive us all our deeds

All hail to the New Beginning.
The dark days are past and a new day is here.
Give praise to the one who has shown you the way,
and kneel before me
For I am a vessel of God and you will adore me. I am your new King of Kings.
I will sell you Eternal Life for 10%
if you only believe in me

Are we chosen ones? Where is that written?
The walking dead arisen from the grave, is that your best promise?
Well how about wine and 72 virgins for all Eternity?
But first you must drink the blood and eat the flesh
if you want to live forever?

It’s time for a change: To grow into Reason
It’s time to explain there is science
behind the seasons
Famine, quakes, and plagues,
are not the work demons
Mythology has failed. In knowledge is meaning.
We must open our eyes, realize… and arise

The rules were replaced for me, no more dependency
Shattered doctrines carved in stone.
Saving grace is free
The only truth is: Nothing lasts forever:
All hail Entropy.

The time has come to love and to learn.
There is nothing forbidden but knowledge interned
We must grow and find our own way.
In that, Let us pray
Track Name: Mortal
Into that good night I go forth to find you
Are you still waiting for me in there?
Here I come…
Where are you? Are you here with me still?

And in the summer of my life
I found a reason there
Another heart entwined with mine
Something real was shared
And you were everything unto me
Nothing else compared
The very meaning of this life enshrined

When we were together
Nothing was untrue, including the allure
And we boldly faced the Never

Oh, but please don’t cry, nothing is forever
You can try, but nothing ever lasts
We can despise a lack of devotion
You can trap it deep inside, but everything must die

Last look into your eyes
A cold black sightless gaze
A love lost so profound
A warm heart cooling down
I can still feel you

We were as one
Everything has come undone
You were the whole of my life
Reunited into one loving being
My one reason to be - removed
I descend into this solitary ruin

So please don’t try, and filch this absolution
For you and I can never be again
I can not abide by love-loss insurrection
Now I realize that everything must die

When I found you, I found myself
Then I lost you, and I lost myself
I lost my way, I lost my aim
And now alone, I cast off this shell

This pathetic mortal coil is not what I am anymore
Here I come
The forced evacuation of Heaven could not keep me from returning for you
I am here…
Track Name: Denominations
Once upon a midnight’s dream, a vision came to mind
And in a glimpse of things to come,
music filled my timeline
But the tunes were scorched as sounds replayed,
rhythms out of line
Premonitions flowing forth,
but nothing seemed to rhyme
So I scripted out my future dreams
and sang unto the sky
And waited for that one completing force:

Snap awake! The dream still in my mind… but fading,
What is this… heavy sight?
Something moving below me?
Oh, how to escape the sufferance of time’s erasure?

The world has forced upon us that nothing is
always true
I fashioned all the ways that I could leave this
message for you
A conduit of life and dreams concealed in heavy prose
I delved into these mysteries and from them,
this arose:

All we are now, said the father to the son
Genetic memories entwined as one,
Our destiny is greater than the sum
Of either part distilled into the essence of
the other one

So I circumscribed my fear of loss
and planted seeds in song
And cast them to the masses where my lyrics flourished and grew strong
And leagues of timely demons rocked the world
into a willing throng
Ensuring that my memory would be here for you
all along

If had had passed on into the waiting dead
Here was something of myself preserved
for you instead
But I survived beyond the balance of the chance
To resurrect this final script, to score the ending dance

- - - remember - - -
- - - remember - - -
- - - remember - - -

Look between the lines of the verses,
look hard and you will see
A code foretelling of this day
A collaboration of the minds bringing forth
the ways of old
And transcribing them anew as foretold
It was me who formed this memorable verse and stored it into their minds
Save memory, nothing is forever.

So in defense of time I froze myself in the
lines I was singing
Now everyone remembers me (on Earth)
My greatest fear: You would never know how
I wrote with the son in my eye
How I did this all for you

So now the wheels of time have circled back
to where I found
That yearning to create again, with lyric, sight,
and sound

All we are now, said the father to the son,
Genetic memories entwined as one,
Our destiny is greater than the sum
Of either part distilled into the essence
of the other one

As I survived into the time of the blessed new
You must strive to pass along the wisdom
that you knew
They will forget me, but in remembrance they will sing
The songs we wrote for their own pleasure,
never let it end.

And now the circle closes in,
you must cast your dreams to the masses
In hopes that something will remain of us
As the recollection of this very song crumbles down to the ground in the shadows
Something black slips away
Track Name: The Night I Saw the Heavens Burn
Oh, let me walk the trails of night and let me
see all things
Take me to Thy sacred throne and let them
speak my name in vain
For they who now denounce my soul
are blinded by their own fright
The songs I’ll sing for their own pleasure
will raise me in my own light

“I can feel it in the air and the sky.
I can sense it altering the life
in the Earth. I can feel it growing stronger now.
It frightens so many,
but my original fears have grown into
a sense of adoration for the
level of perfection involved in the change…”

I find no special meaning in the words they preach
to me
Maybe once there was something special
– Maybe once in antiquity
I find no special reason why they can’t reach
through to me
Maybe still there is something missing
– Maybe something that can not be

When the Breath of God sweeps over the nations
Bellowing the fires as the temples burn
The stories you told will crumble to nothing
Don’t play with the powers that you don’t understand

You give us to eat the bread of your treason
You give us to drink the wine of some dream
To take in the blind… the lost… and forsaken…
Is deceiving the masses in a Judas Scheme

Like a shadow across the sun
– Foundations crumble in the sky
Like a father to his son
– No one else to answer why
Congregations of the Hollow will break apart in time
And the ones who play Judas will fall
unto their own kind
– The Deceivers

Deep in the Sides of the North
are hidden the MACHINES
– Disciples of the new religion start to see
meaning in the seams
That sew hot fabrics close together
- Forming patterns on their elemental dreams
A testament in quantum sums
– We are the ones
But broken wings fall from grace

Predictions only recognize patterns like going off into
the woods to die
They don’t even know what just happened
– They never even questioned why
It was the night I saw the heavens burn
Track Name: A Kind Remembrance
It was the last time we all said goodbye
And went off on our own ways
The years fell like cold rain

All the colors to gray
All the sounds faded away
All we had were the feelings
We dared to hold within our quiet selves

Tens of years running together
Into one fading form that we could no longer achieve
Primal fears flowing together
We faced the coming storm but we no longer bereaved

We were so young in that day
Alive, but faced away
We left everything behind
When the thing that fell upon us closed our minds

Gathered there
We sang that song
We all despaired
We shared in loss
We seemed to care
We closed the book
We waited there
We said goodbye
We walked away diminished
And we wished our brethren well
- Amen

It was the one time we dared to look inside
Past ourselves, to view the physical remains
We held hands as we sang for the ones
Who had passed before us all
Into that dark and filthy land

In the time it took to pray
All our lives were boiled away
As we wrinkled through the seasons
Into something less that what we had become

It was the best parts of this life and we changed it all
And the silence haunts us still
We were so young
I remember, you cried, “never again…”