The Night I Saw the Heavens Burn

from by Prescient

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The Night I Saw the Heaves Burn was the song that started it all. Written at the turn of the New Year 2009, and finally recorded in that following summer, it laid the foundation for Prescient to build from. Though we've grown and evolved musically, The Night I Saw the Heavens Burn remains one of the most raw emotional and hard hitting songs in the Prescient discography.


Oh, let me walk the trails of night and let me
see all things
Take me to Thy sacred throne and let them
speak my name in vain
For they who now denounce my soul
are blinded by their own fright
The songs I’ll sing for their own pleasure
will raise me in my own light

“I can feel it in the air and the sky.
I can sense it altering the life
in the Earth. I can feel it growing stronger now.
It frightens so many,
but my original fears have grown into
a sense of adoration for the
level of perfection involved in the change…”

I find no special meaning in the words they preach
to me
Maybe once there was something special
– Maybe once in antiquity
I find no special reason why they can’t reach
through to me
Maybe still there is something missing
– Maybe something that can not be

When the Breath of God sweeps over the nations
Bellowing the fires as the temples burn
The stories you told will crumble to nothing
Don’t play with the powers that you don’t understand

You give us to eat the bread of your treason
You give us to drink the wine of some dream
To take in the blind… the lost… and forsaken…
Is deceiving the masses in a Judas Scheme

Like a shadow across the sun
– Foundations crumble in the sky
Like a father to his son
– No one else to answer why
Congregations of the Hollow will break apart in time
And the ones who play Judas will fall
unto their own kind
– The Deceivers

Deep in the Sides of the North
are hidden the MACHINES
– Disciples of the new religion start to see
meaning in the seams
That sew hot fabrics close together
- Forming patterns on their elemental dreams
A testament in quantum sums
– We are the ones
But broken wings fall from grace

Predictions only recognize patterns like going off into
the woods to die
They don’t even know what just happened
– They never even questioned why
It was the night I saw the heavens burn


from Emergence, released February 11, 2011
Malachi Francis, music; Gregory Francis, vocals;



all rights reserved


Prescient Las Vegas

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