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Part of the Summer 2009 recording sessions, Risk highlights Dream Theater-like overtones and heavily features guitarist extraordinaire Luke Jackson.


Once in a cold game without rules,
the players felt ashamed
For as they won, they never learned that to risk
and lose is to obtain
More than they ever played for – and more

I pity those who find they have time on their hands
Who live and die here, never traveling to other lands
Without a measure of love or the comfort of friends
Too scared to live with uncertainty,
to take a chance and truly achieve

Calculated moves give an upper hand
but they lack emotion
Machines with superior moves can reproach devotion
Apprehension freezes the tame.
Too scared to risk, but bold enough to blame

At the end of the game, they call out the names of those who survived to play again
Live and learn or crash and burn.
Hesitate and lose your turn
There is no PAUSE or REPLAY in life, only STOP. END OF GAME

So now in the game of life, potential unfolds,
but no one is keeping score
They live as they played, never showing their hand
They take to their grave regret and nothing more

There are times when the fear of loss forms the core
of desperation
Leading sane men through insane pursuits,
cleansing phantom fears of what’s to come
What you chose to do can not be undone.
Nothing left but to go

At the end of the game, the last move is made
And the pieces that fell remain where they lay
Their future betrayed

Memories are quick to turn
From joyful goals into regretful yearns
There is no PAUSE or REPLAY in life, only STOP
No more time for a wasted life

And now the game is done the players have gone
And taken everyone for everything

There are those who think that they have all the time
in the world
To live a full life without fear or hesitation
But there is no such thing as something for nothing,
no gain without pain
All they want for free will never be.
Too scared to live with uncertainty
To take a chance and truly achieve


from Emergence, released February 11, 2011
Malachi Francis, music; Gregory Francis, vocals; Luke Jackson, guitarist extraordinaire;



all rights reserved


Prescient Las Vegas

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