In the Eyes of Lesser Beings

from by Prescient

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The first song completed for the Fall 2009 recording sessions, In the Eyes of Lesser Beings was also the first Prescient song to feature new bassist and co-songwriter Matthew Ramsay.


We were the warriors of God set loose on our way
Defending the Light of the World.
We claimed the Dark Lands in the name of our Lord
And punished those who had lost their way

But the rules were no help to me in times of indecency
I pledged to meet the end alone.
There was no saving me
Armored with tools of the trade,
I charged into Holy fray
Anointed with Blood - and The Word - and The Way
I was a god to those in my way. So they prayed

And the ages of Man shall pass in a blink,
but this will remain:
That the brightest among you will burn with a need
To have their sins all washed away
They teach us to love with our hearts
and to kill by the sword
We are faultless in all that we do for the Lord
We have savaged the lands and the minds of the lost
Knowing that God would forgive us all our deeds

All hail to the New Beginning.
The dark days are past and a new day is here.
Give praise to the one who has shown you the way,
and kneel before me
For I am a vessel of God and you will adore me. I am your new King of Kings.
I will sell you Eternal Life for 10%
if you only believe in me

Are we chosen ones? Where is that written?
The walking dead arisen from the grave, is that your best promise?
Well how about wine and 72 virgins for all Eternity?
But first you must drink the blood and eat the flesh
if you want to live forever?

It’s time for a change: To grow into Reason
It’s time to explain there is science
behind the seasons
Famine, quakes, and plagues,
are not the work demons
Mythology has failed. In knowledge is meaning.
We must open our eyes, realize… and arise

The rules were replaced for me, no more dependency
Shattered doctrines carved in stone.
Saving grace is free
The only truth is: Nothing lasts forever:
All hail Entropy.

The time has come to love and to learn.
There is nothing forbidden but knowledge interned
We must grow and find our own way.
In that, Let us pray


from Emergence, released February 11, 2011
Malachi Francis, music; Gregory Francis, vocals; Matthew Ramsay, bass and co-songwriter;



all rights reserved


Prescient Las Vegas

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