Frame Dragger

from by Prescient

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Frame Dragger was the first track recorded in the Summer 2009 recording sessions.


In a war before this world
- A kind of science led the way
Potential heavens clashed and failed
- And this is what remains…

Realized projections
- Visions from the stream
Conscious intersections
- And this is what it means…
The force of resolve
- An explosion of mind

And in a time before mine
- Angels crushed opposing Time-Lines
A matrix fell and a new truth stood clear
– Past and future intertwined

Shadows composing - figures imposing
The substance of loathing
forms a cloak on our memory
And drains the potential from all that would be

A sum over histories
- Everything lost in Deep-Time
No further mysteries
- Nothing to redesign
With every contingency
- Unfolding to every possible end
At the edge of eternity
– SHUT DOWN and start it again - - -

Emotional shock-waves transcend cosmology

Woeful gods fall from the sky
- with Dark Matter in their hands
Synthetic seeds unchained in the night
- To battle dust in the form of Man
And from the far end of the heavens
- Event horizons spew their filth
A brilliant plague of rapture
– Fuels the universal need to be undone
Omniscience chained by the hell of foresight

In a war beneath this world
- The fear of knowledge led astray
Genetics clash and rail - And this is what remains…
Synthesized infections - Primitive and clean
Infecting interspection - And this is what it means…

And at the crime of all crimes
- Angels snuffed adoring minds
A Function held and a new Brane was torn
And in their own image, they reformed

A sum over victories
- Every thought lost to Deep-Time
No rival entities remain
– No reason to cleanse this Line
With every contingency
- Unfolding to their own end
They pray for uncertainty
– SHUT DOWN and start it again - - -

Boredom punishes omniscient gods
- When everything known is known
With nothing new and nothing to learn
A stagnant existence forever bemoaned
So into the mix, a variable set
- The Multiverse grinds to another end
The final flashpoint of God set anew
Uncertainty loosed on the quantum winds

BEHOLD: The Glorious Chaos of Freewill:

Blessed randomness cascading into Real
Blind to the future, we soar
Re-image the subtle so that we feel alive
Nothing forever, ever again, never forever again
We now inhabit the places we dared not imagine
Feeling decisive, a Line in the dark forms bold
Baryonic brevity to entropic denial

– as foretold…


from Emergence, track released December 11, 2010
Malachi Francis, music; Gregory Francis, vocals;



all rights reserved


Prescient Las Vegas

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