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(from the Fall 2009 recording sessions)
Paying homage to Gregory's The Pharaoh Project, Denominations is a reflection on foreshadowing from the past. Samples from the original work, Nefertiti, ornament the Prescient song along with melodies "bringing forth the ways of old and transcribing them anew."


Once upon a midnight’s dream, a vision came to mind
And in a glimpse of things to come,
music filled my timeline
But the tunes were scorched as sounds replayed,
rhythms out of line
Premonitions flowing forth,
but nothing seemed to rhyme
So I scripted out my future dreams
and sang unto the sky
And waited for that one completing force:

Snap awake! The dream still in my mind… but fading,
What is this… heavy sight?
Something moving below me?
Oh, how to escape the sufferance of time’s erasure?

The world has forced upon us that nothing is
always true
I fashioned all the ways that I could leave this
message for you
A conduit of life and dreams concealed in heavy prose
I delved into these mysteries and from them,
this arose:

All we are now, said the father to the son
Genetic memories entwined as one,
Our destiny is greater than the sum
Of either part distilled into the essence of
the other one

So I circumscribed my fear of loss
and planted seeds in song
And cast them to the masses where my lyrics flourished and grew strong
And leagues of timely demons rocked the world
into a willing throng
Ensuring that my memory would be here for you
all along

If had had passed on into the waiting dead
Here was something of myself preserved
for you instead
But I survived beyond the balance of the chance
To resurrect this final script, to score the ending dance

- - - remember - - -
- - - remember - - -
- - - remember - - -

Look between the lines of the verses,
look hard and you will see
A code foretelling of this day
A collaboration of the minds bringing forth
the ways of old
And transcribing them anew as foretold
It was me who formed this memorable verse and stored it into their minds
Save memory, nothing is forever.

So in defense of time I froze myself in the
lines I was singing
Now everyone remembers me (on Earth)
My greatest fear: You would never know how
I wrote with the son in my eye
How I did this all for you

So now the wheels of time have circled back
to where I found
That yearning to create again, with lyric, sight,
and sound

All we are now, said the father to the son,
Genetic memories entwined as one,
Our destiny is greater than the sum
Of either part distilled into the essence
of the other one

As I survived into the time of the blessed new
You must strive to pass along the wisdom
that you knew
They will forget me, but in remembrance they will sing
The songs we wrote for their own pleasure,
never let it end.

And now the circle closes in,
you must cast your dreams to the masses
In hopes that something will remain of us
As the recollection of this very song crumbles down to the ground in the shadows
Something black slips away


from Emergence, released February 11, 2011
Malachi Francis, music; Gregory Francis, vocals; Matthew Ramsay, bass and co-songwriter;



all rights reserved


Prescient Las Vegas

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