Deeds and Dreams of Falling

from by Prescient

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Deeds and Dreams of Falling, the second song to be completed in the Fall 2009 recording sessions, was heavily written by co-songwriter Matthew Ramsay.


(…in the beginning was the word)
I have found my way alone
You have stumbled on your own
I have faltered but I’ve grown
You have crumbled and bemoaned

(…and the Word of God was upon them)
I have seen all the works, all the deeds
The ashes of dreams crumbling down
- wretched seeds
That germinate within your dark and tortured soul
And writhe in the longing to covet what I know

They wait for another to bestow grace upon them
And complain at the gifts handed down
They wait for a charity and mercy to befall them
As they argue their sad point of view from the ground
Even as they’re falling

I am the one who achieved this gain
YOU have failed yourself once again
BELIEVE that you’re just that same as me if that helps you

(…but they heard not the Word)
I have gleaned from this world all I need
And fashioned a theme, true and sound –
With a clear and focused mind I conquered many foes
Waiting for the manna to fall into their needy hands

Nothing worthy in their deeds as shifting sands
So they grumbled, “Not fair! No one understands me.”
Then they cried and they boasted and they criticized
And destroyed their self-image deep inside
And now they are falling

Art thou weak? Then be thy strong!
God only helps those who help themselves
(so sayeth the Word)
When you feel it all breaking down around you
That is when you must prove what lives inside of you
(…and the Word was the Way)
There were times when I fashioned out a plan
That crumbled down by the toil of other hands
But I strived and I focused and devised
And reformed my own image in spite of thee

Now I’m the one you turn to
I’m the one that you beseech
I am the master of my own destiny
And you are but a worry that is falling out of reach
Falling at my feet

I have arrived at the summit of my dreams
YOU have devised this fiction of your deeds
GOD only helps those who help themselves
And you are falling


from Emergence, released February 11, 2011
Malachi Francis, music; Gregory Francis, vocals (yes... all of them...); Matthew Ramsay, bass and co-songwriter;



all rights reserved


Prescient Las Vegas

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